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Open Call for the i4KIDS-EUROPE Programme: "Hospital Challenge 2024"

Technology companies with innovative solutions aimed at improving the management and efficiency of paediatric hospitals can apply for the i4KIDS-EUROPE "Hospital Challenge 2024" programme. The final will take place at the Pediatric Innovation Day 2024 in Riga on 27 September.
i4KIDS-EUROPE hospital challenge

The 2024 edition of the Pediatric Innovation Day, taking place on 27th September in Riga, has officially opened its registration process.

This event, organised by the Paediatric Innovation Hub at Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, i4KIDS, and its European extension, the i4KIDS-EUROPE project, will gather professionals from the sector (clinicians, innovators, researchers, and investors) to reflect on and explore the challenges and opportunities in fetal, paediatric, and maternal health innovation in Europe.

Under the theme “Advancing Frontiers: Innovations for a Healthier Future”, the day will feature presentations and discussions on various aspects impacting the development of paediatric innovation, such as Artificial Intelligence, with a keynote by Andrew Taylor, Director of Innovation at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London.

Pediatric Innovation Day 2024 will also serve as the platform for presenting the White Paper developed by members of the i4KIDS-EUROPE project, based on challenges identified in the “Status Report and Needs Analysis of Paediatric Innovation in Europe,” presented at last year’s edition in Warsaw. This new report will include strategic recommendations to guide the future of European paediatric healthcare innovation.

i4KIDS-EUROPE Programme: Hospital Challenge 2024

One of the highlights of the event’s agenda will be the final of the i4KIDS-EUROPE “Hospital Challenge 2024,” which is currently open and accepting project submissions.

This programme is aimed at companies and startups within the health innovation ecosystem and has been developed to identify disruptive solutions that help improve internal processes in paediatric hospitals, focusing on personalising care, optimising patient flow, increasing safety, and enhancing patient and family satisfaction.

Here are the three challenges posed by representatives from some of the most significant European paediatric hospitals that are part of the ECHO organisation hosting this call:

  • Challenge 1: Improving Clinical Workflow

How can we reduce the time healthcare professionals spend on administrative tasks, such as writing medical histories, patient records, and medical notes, to improve efficiency and allow for more patient care?

  • Challenge 2: Monitoring High-Risk Medication Administration in Paediatric Patients

How can we ensure that every patient receives the correct medication, in the correct dosage, at the correct time, and by the correct method during hospitalisation?

  • Challenge 3: Appointment Management Efficiency

How can we reduce appointment no-shows and improve outcomes for groups affected by healthcare inequalities?

Companies with a technological solution at TRL 7 or above for any of these challenges can submit their application until 11th August for a chance to be one of the six projects invited to attend the Pediatric Innovation Day 2024 in Riga at the end of September to present their proposal to an expert jury.

The winning solution will receive €5,000 to initiate a pilot project in one of the i4KIDS-EUROPE hospitals, as well as the opportunity to follow up with at least two paediatric hospitals in the network to explore the implementation of the solution in these centres. Additionally, the winner will receive a voucher for consultancy services with Grupo Inveniam.

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