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TRAINING CAPSULE I "Digital Devices in paediatrics: how to be successful in the reimbursement strategy?"

Discover how to navigate the existing paediatric digital devices reimbursement scheme in Europe.
i4KIDS EUROPE Training Capsule

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Digital Devices in paediatrics: how to be successful in the reimbursement strategy?

Reimbursement pathways has been identified as one of the most crucial barrier in Europe in the situation report and needs analysis that we’ve published as i4KIDS-EUROPE.
We present you a new i4KIDS I i4KIDS-EUROPE  Training Capsule dedicated to delve into the lessons learned and key aspects of existing reimbursement pathways in Europe, such as DIGA and PECAN pathways, for achieving reimbursement. Special emphasis will be placed on offering guidance on how to navigate the reimbursement process effectively. By exploring these pathways and providing actionable insights, participants will gain valuable knowledge to overcome reimbursement challenges and accelerate access to innovative pediatric healthcare solutions.

✅  Torsten Christann, an expert in reimbursement pathways at Digital Oxygen,  will shed light on how to navigate the existing reimbursement scheme in Europe.

Following this masterclass, we will open up a 15-minute Q&A session, providing the audience with the opportunity to exhange ideas. We look forward to an interactive and insightful discussion.

🗓️ May, 13th
⏰ 13h to 14h
💻 Online
🌐 English

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