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TRAINING CAPSULE I "Women innovators and Female leadership in paediatrics"

Meet two women innovators in paediatrics and her leadership style at LactAPP and KRIBA.
i4KIDS Training Capsule

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“Women innovators and Female leadership in paediatrics”

We present you a new i4KIDS I i4KIDS-EUROPE  Training Capsule dedicated to reflect on how gender bias and discrimination have profound and far-reaching effects on the healthcare workforce, from the delivery of patient care to the advancement of science.

In this quest for gender equity, we will explore in this capsule the  female leadership within pediatrics with two amazing women innovators:

✅ Christiane Gross, International Business Development Lead of LactApp, AI-enabled postnatal maternity advice and breastfeeding support.

✅ Beatrice Jobst , Senior Data Scientist at KRIBA, a medical device startup that enables non-invasive screening, detection and monitoring of serous body fluids infections.

We will discuss the entrepreneurship journey and evolution as women, the leadership style and the relation that gender can have in a branch such as pediatrics.

🗓️ March, 19th
⏰ 13h to 14h
💻 Online
🌐 English

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