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Pediatric Innovation Challenge i4KIDS & AstraZeneca

How can we reduce the impact of paediatric influenza on society, and is it possible to improve vaccination coverage for this disease? In collaboration with AstraZeneca, we are launching this Open Innovation challenge with the aim of finding innovative solutions to these challenges.
Pediatric Innovation challenge

The aim of this challenge in collaboration with AstraZeneca is to identify new solutions and innovative strategies to address the needs identified in terms of vaccination coverage, disease awareness and prevention strategies against childhood influenza.

This call is part of the “Challenge-based Industry” programme that i4KIDS develops in collaboration with key stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem, such as the industry and the community of clinical professionals. Its objective is to drive the arrival of innovative solutions to the market in the field of foetal, paediatric, and maternal health, through the launch of challenges to the innovative and entrepreneurial ecosystem to identify projects that can solve unmet clinical needs.


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